The Smart Dog Leash. Put it in your pocket, clip it to your keychain, or let your dog carry the leash.

Imagine a keychain that extends into a powerful leash. Take a leisurely hands-free stroll, or grab the Lazy Leash to take control. Feel the freedom. Unleash the power. Free yourself and your dog. Lazy leash is tough, durable and simple to use.


We've spent years developing the strength, functionality and mechanics behind every tiny detail of Lazy Leash. We're confident that you'll love the quality of our product. As a special thank you for our early customers, we're offering free product replacement. You'll never want to go back to the old way of dog walking.

A portion of each order is donated to help end the abuse and mistreatment of our canine friends worldwide. 

Lazy Leash is ideal for dogs under 80lbs, and owners with the common sense to know when an unleashed dog is safe and appropriate. 2019 Patent Pending.

Just press the button to release—push it again to reel it back in. It's that simple. We're confident you'll love your Lazy Leash or your money back!