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Easy to Hold & Ready When You Are.

2 Ounce Leash powerful enough to withstand tugs, jerks & pulls from ANY size dog.


Take a Hands-Free Stroll, or grab the Lazy Leash to take control.

Award Winning Design. Click to extend—Click to retract. It's that simple!

Patented adjustable short lead 3ft(36in) to keep your dog safe & under control.

Powerful Anti-Slip Polymer Handle and unbreakable tangle-fee power cable.

Cute custom gift idea for dog lovers. 3ft mini power lead withstands tugging & pulling from any dog.

Feel the Freedom, 

Unleash the Power.

Powerful anti-slip polymer handle. Take a hands-free Stroll, or grab the leash to take control.

Light and strong enough for any size dog. A three foot (36in) adjustable short lead is ideal for training and keeping your best friend safe and under control. Featuring a powerful anti-slip polymer handle and a tangle-free power cable.


Press the button to release—push it again to reel it back in. It's that simple.

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A portion of each order is donated to help end the abuse and mistreatment of our canine friends worldwide. 


ULTRA-GRIP Textured Handle & Tangle-Free Power Cable

Lightweight extendable clip-on keychain dog leash for travel, training, hiking, running or hands free dog walking convenience. Lazy Leash is a safe and effective tool for dog training & service dogs. A 36 inch adjustable short lead keeps your dog close and under control. Unlike traditional leashes, Lazy Leash locks into place at any length for safety. Featuring a patent pending pressure locking braking system that's durable enough to withstand the force of any size dog.

Ideal for Travel, Training, Hiking &

Dog Walking Convenience.

Take control with Lazy Leash. Perfect for convenience, or for pups that are off leash most of the time. Take a leisurely hands-free stroll, or grab the Lazy Leash to take control. An adjustable tangle-free power cable and patent pending locking brake are designed to keep your dog close and under control. This ain't your grandfather's retractable leash! Feel the freedom. Unleash the power. Free yourself and your dog.

Ready when you are. Lightweight keychain compact durable cute dog lead gift idea
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Patented Lazy Leash!

Simplify dog walking and help stop the abuse of our furry friends worldwide.

Powerful Anti-Slip Polymer Grip & Unbreakable Tangle-Free Power Cable for ANY SIZE dog.
mini keychain dog leash wearable clip-on dog leash lead buy on amazon
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We like to let him hike off leash while there are no other people/dogs on the trail. It was nice I didn’t have to carry an extra leash and he was in charge of carrying his own!
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My hands are now free and don’t need to lug leash everywhere. If we come across someone with a not so friendly pup I can fast n easy grab this amazing leash.
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