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We're about to begin our first production run. Orders will be shipped in the order they are received and available. Please check this page for product updates.

Our GOAL is to begin shipping in July. We cannot guarantee a ship date. Orders will go out in the order they are received.

June 17 -

These were the second to last parts that we've been waiting on, and they are done!

​Now we are just waiting on the rest of the outer casings. Once these are finished, we will ship the first 1,500 to Fort Collins, CO where we will begin assembly and shipping out to customers.

June 18 -

Products turned out so good that we made payments to all vendors for NEXT 10,000 of each part and packaging. We are currently negotiating with factories to help us increase production capacity.

10,000 springs!

And 10,000 of every other part.

And packaging...

June 19 -

Our provisional patent is still is still current through August. Our attorney is filing a a PCT application as well as international patents.

June 29 -

Another setback! Final parts were finally about to ship to us when we got this message.

Each part has to be perfect, so they will have to re-do all 1,500 sets. They said they can produce 300 sets per day, so we hope they will be ready to ship in about a week.

July 9 -

More frustration! Another message from the manufacturer of the last and only parts we're waiting for. These molded parts are not overly complex so we're not sure why there have been so many difficulties. We're exploring other option for future production, but hoping they can come through very soon...