Orders are going out in the order they are received, with priority going to our earliest supporters.

After five years of development, we finally shipped out the first batch of Lazy Leashes to a few of our earliest supporters. We are working as hard as we can to make more as fast as we can. Please check this page for product updates.

June 17 -

These were the second to last parts that we've been waiting on, and they are done!

​Now we are just waiting on the rest of the outer casings. Once these are finished, we will ship the first 1,500 to Fort Collins, CO where we will begin assembly and shipping out to customers.

June 18 -

Products turned out so good that we made payments to all vendors for NEXT 10,000 of each part and packaging. We are currently negotiating with factories to help us increase production capacity.

10,000 springs!

And 10,000 of every other part.

And packaging...

June 19 -

Our provisional patent is still is still current through August. Our attorney is filing a a PCT application as well as international patents.

June 29 -

Another setback! Final parts were finally about to ship to us when we got this message.

Each part has to be perfect, so they will have to re-do all 1,500 sets. They said they can produce 300 sets per day, so we hope they will be ready to ship in about a week.

July 9 -

More frustration! Another message from the manufacturer of the last and only parts we're waiting for. These molded parts are not overly complex so we're not sure why there have been so many difficulties. We're exploring other option for future production, but hoping they can come through very soon...

July 15 -

After several years working together, finally met our engineer, Bryan outside his home in Fort Collins, CO. He brought all the parts and equipment outside for a social distancing meeting. We discussed the path forward and options for creating a stronger and smaller custom clip.

July 16 -

Latest update on the final parts. Fingers crossed...

July 22 -

It seems as if they've solved the warping issues on the final parts. Let's get these made and shipped so we can start making leashes!

July 31 -

Good news! 1,500 final parts should be on the way. Once we receive, we'll start making and shipping them as fast as we can. If you were a Kickstarter supporter, wait for a link. If not, pre-order today to reserve your place in line!

August 5 -

The final parts arrive today! Bryan and the team will begin assembling leashes to be sold in small batches to our earliest supporters. If you were one of our Kickstarter supporters and want to be one of our first customers, please email dave@bushybox.com. If you were not a Kickstarter supporter, preorder on our website to reserve your place in line!

August 12 -

We finally got some Lazy Leashes out to a small test group of some of our earliest supporters. Most of the feedback we've gotten so far is great! However, we found that the current cables don't match the quality of the cables used in our prototypes. This opens up the possibility of sticking or not functioning as smoothly as we need to.

We put in an order for updated cables, which will take another several weeks.


If you would like to be in our early user test group, feel free to order the current version. We are offering free replacements if anything goes wrong.

We will notify everyone else when we are 100% ready to roll!

September 10 -

While waiting for our updated cables, we redesigned clip. The one we were using was an 'off the shelf' model and weakest point on the leash. The new one is completely custom and will be around 3x stronger.

We could have made the product available sooner with the old clip, but ultimately decided to proceed with the new one. This will add a little more time, but ultimately is the long term solution we have been working towards.

If you would like to be a beta tester of Lazy Leash, you can buy the current version right now with the link below. We love getting feedback, and will replace it for free if anything goes wrong.

October 6 - 

Moulds for new clips are ready. Hopefully we can get samples sent next week.

October 8 - 

Lazy Leash is unofficially for sale! However we are not making this public until we have implemented the new improved clips and updated cables. Order your Lazy Leash below and get free product replacement guarantee!